Tooth Colored Fillings FAQs

tooth colored fillings FAQs

Tooth Colored Fillings FAQs tooth colored fillings FAQs

What is the difference between tooth-colored fillings and other kinds? Is one better than the other? Is it more a cosmetic issue? There are a lot of things to know about composite fillings versus amalgam, but that is not where the subject ends. Headley, DDS at KC Smile in Overland Park, KS encourages patients to be well-informed about their dental options and offer up these tooth colored fillings FAQs to address the most common concerns.

What is the difference between the composite fillings, which are the same color as natural teeth, and older amalgam or “metal” fillings?

As your dentist in Overland Park, we think it is important for patients to understand that composite fillings are more than just different in their general appearance. Naturally, there is the esthetic issue of having your teeth appear intact and completely normal. The darkening of the teeth and the unappealing looks of amalgam fillings is undesirable, but it is the general weakness of these fillings that really makes the difference.

When reading any tooth colored fillings FAQs, the one major thing to take from it is that composite fillings will require less of the tooth to be removed, and they will bond to the tooth – adding strength and repair.

Can I get old fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings?

This too is an important issue in any tooth colored fillings FAQs, because it is not always possible to swap out one for the other. As we learned, the amalgam fillings actually require more tooth to be removed. If you visit our office, we can assess the condition of any tooth with the old-fashioned fillings and let you know if composite fillings would work or if you need something stronger, such as a dental crown.

Do I have more sensitivity with tooth-colored fillings?

No, there is going to be less sensitivity because there is no “give” in the composite materials and very little conductivity of extremes of hot or cold. While no filling can every remove all sensation, you won’t experience increased sensitivity if you choose composite fillings.

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