The Wand™

While almost all dentists use lidocaine to numb the mouth of their patients, we have found that many of our patients fear the needle just as much as they fear the pain of a dental procedure. This is why we are proud to feature the Wand™, a computer-controlled anesthetic delivery system. The Wand™ consists of a tiny needle at the head of a pen-shaped device that is connected to a computer. The most unique aspect of the Wand™ system is that a tiny amount of numbing agent is administered before the needle even makes contact with the patient, so most patients never even feel the odious prick. The anesthesia continues to numb the area as the needle is inserted, making the numbing process virtually painless for the patient.

The Wand™ eliminates the over-numbing that was formerly so bothersome to our patients. The computer allows the needle to sense the density of the tissue to be numbed, and so only the correct amount of anesthesia is applied. This eliminates the hours of numbness after a procedure that many patients dread, yet they remain comfortably numb for the duration of their time in the chair.

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