General Dentistry FAQs

general dentistry FAQs

General Dentistry FAQs general dentistry FAQs

Dr. Headley at KC Smile in Overland Park, KS offers general dentistry, which many people know as preventative dentistry. Obviously, this makes it one of the most important forms of dentistry available, and we encourage our patients to read these general dentistry FAQs to discover how we, as your dentist in Overland Park, can use general dentistry techniques to give you the best oral health.

What procedures are in general dentistry?

As you already learned, it can be called preventative dentistry too. Because of that, it includes cleanings and checkups, x-rays and all of the steps needed to identify and halt the spread of decay or disease. This means we can offer you dental fillings, root canals, and crowns as part of your preventative treatment.

What if I don’t like the dentist…is there a way you can offer sedation?

That is an important issue to include in these general dentistry FAQs, and the answer is yes. We have sedation dentistry for any patient who feels dental anxiety. In fact, we emphasize it as part of general dentistry because it is this form of dentistry that sets the stage for your healthiest teeth and gums. If you skip the regular cleanings and checkups it is going to lead to much greater trouble and more complex procedures!

Can you show me if I am brushing and flossing properly?

Yes, one major focus of general dentistry is ensuring our patients are well informed, and that means reviewing all of the best techniques and products. For example, patients may be using the wrong type of brush for their situation and we can review all of this with them.

My teeth feel as if they are changing…can you address that with general dentistry?

This is another important issue to include in general dentistry FAQs because many people do not get in touch if their “bite” changes. Any time your teeth begin to align differently, it is time to pay us a visit. This can be due to many different issues, and it is with general dentistry that we begin to identify the problems.

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