Drill-less Dentistry

Drill-less Dentistry

Do you postpone treating cavities because you hate the noise and discomfort of dental drilling? At the practice of Dr. Ross S. Headley, this is no longer an issue. We are proud to feature the KCP® 1000 Whisper Jet system for drilless air abrasion dentistry. This system uses a fine stream of a special powder to remove decay and make cavity preparations. The KCP® 1000 Whisper Jet system often entirely eliminates the need to use an old-fashioned drill for many procedures. This means far less discomfort for the patient. In fact, many procedures using the KCP® 1000 Whisper Jet require no anesthetic at all, which means that patients can have teeth prepared for fillings without needles, without the wait for an anesthetic to take effect, and without any uncomfortable numbness after the procedure. The KCP® 1000 Whisper Jet further reduces dental anxiety for our patients because it reduces the noise associated with cavity preparation—no more high-pitched drilling! Now, our patients hear only the quiet spray of the KCP® 1000 Whisper Jet. An additional benefit of the system is that it is so precise. Using the KCP® 1000 Whisper Jet, our dentists are able to remove only the decayed portion of a tooth, preserving much more of the healthy tooth structure. With the new KCP® 1000 Whisper Jet system, we are proud to offer our patients more comfortable and efficient, drill-less dentistry.

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