Dentures FAQs

Dentures FAQs

Dentures FAQs

Headley, DDS at KC Smile in Overland Park, KS would like patients to reconsider the issue of dentures. They are a wonderful dental solution and form of restorative dentistry with an unfair reputation. Read the following dentures FAQs to discover why we describe them as a good answer for many patient needs.

Does it seem odd that a dentist in Overland Park might recommend the use of dentures? Once you understand that they are not the same dentures your parents or grandparents had to deal with, you will start to change your mind. Read our dentures FAQs and discover more:

Why Would You Need Dentures?

In the past, many people with dentures complained of their ill fitting and difficult designs. Today’s technologies, though, allow us to create remarkably comfortable and functional dentures that can include full and partial designs. They will look so natural and convincing that no one will know you are wearing them, and even more impressive is that you can eat and drink with them, and consume all of the same things you have always enjoyed.

Dentures may be suggested because of their affordability. Not all patients have the budgets for a number of dental implants, and so dentures can provide a wonderful alternative.

How Often Are Dentures Replaced?

This is a good question for our dentures FAQs because so many people worry that they may save money, initially, by choosing dentures and then end up having to replace them every few years!

Fortunately, the modern denture technologies allow you to wear most dentures for a minimum of five years, and even up to ten before the fit changes and they need to be replaced. Remember that your gums and jaw alter once the teeth are removed, and this can make your dentures fit differently. We will make adjustments when you first get them, and it is only when the fit cannot be tweaked that we will suggest a new set crafted to your gums.

Will having dentures mean I no longer need checkups?

No. Dentures may reduce the amount of effort you need to use in terms of daily flossing and brushing, but you still need to clean your gums and any remaining teeth and you still need to come in so we can monitor your overall oral health and the condition of the dentures.

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