Dental Implants FAQs

dental implants FAQs

Dental Implants FAQs dental implants FAQs

Does the idea of dental implants appeal to you? If so, you are like many of our patients here at Headley, DDS at KC Smile in Overland Park, KS. Rather than relying on dentures or bridges, you can instead replace a missing tooth and enjoy something that functions just like a natural tooth – with roots and a crown. Some people are not quite sure about dental implants and implant dentistry, so we are providing these basic dental implants FAQs to answer the most common concerns.

What are dental implants?

Unlike “false” teeth, i.e. dentures or bridges, a dental implant is a two-part system that involves the surgical implantation of a shaft into the jaw and gum tissue. This is topped with a durable dental crown that looks and functions just like your normal tooth.

Why use them?

This is an important item to appear in dental implants FAQs because few people realize the profound benefits of dental implants. While it is great that your smile is once again complete, and functional, there is more to it. When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth shift and begin to align and wear differently. This can cause breakage, decay and even conditions like TMJ. When you can have a “new tooth” it holds everything in place.

However, there is the unseen benefit that happens below the gum. When your jaw and gum are altered with the loss of a tooth, they can actually recede. This is why people who are missing many teeth will have tight gums – the tissue and bone shrink. This alters how you look, bite, speak and chew. This is unhealthy and can also cause many problems.

So, dental implants can improve your overall quality of life in addition to boosting the health of your smile!

Are they painful?

The surgical process is quick and uses local anesthesia. You will feel nothing as it is done and only some tenderness and mild swelling afterward. You will have to wait for full healing before the full restoration (dental crown) is added, but after that, you will be able to begin using the tooth as if it were your original one.

How long do they last, and how much effort is required for care?

They are meant to last 20 years or more. When you care for them properly, meaning that you brush and floss daily and get regular checkups and cleanings, they can last many decades longer.

What about the problems I have heard about with them?

The success rate for dental implants is a whopping 95-98%, which is better than that of some other treatments! As your dentist in Overland Park we encourage you to consider these dental implants FAQs and get in touch.

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