Dental Bridges

Overland Park Dental Bridges – Bridging the Gaps Between Teeth

When a patient is only missing one or a few teeth, we use a bridge supported by two crowns to fill in the space. A bridge is a natural looking replacement tooth or set of teeth that literally bridges the gap between teeth, and is supported by crowns placed on both teeth surrounding the gap. Dental bridges offer a long-lasting solution to our patients because they are fixed permanently in the mouth, and are not removable by hand as dentures are.

It is also possible to support bridges using dental implants on either side if more than one tooth is missing, or if the patient prefers this method. With proper maintenance, a dental bridge can facilitate speaking, chewing, and smiling with confidence for years to come. Please contact our staff if you have any questions at all about dental bridges or dentures.

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See Before and After Dental Bridges

before dental bridges
after dental bridges

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Jennifer Fisher

I love having a beautiful smile. I think instead of cosmetic dentistry, it should be referred to as “Confidence Dentistry.” When you feel confident with your smile it affects the way you interact with people.” As a former Miss Kansas and TV news anchor, I know with certainty my “Confidence Smile” smile made all the difference. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not happy that I have beautiful teeth.”

Lindsey Jo
Miss Oklahoma

As Miss Oklahoma USA 2008® Lindsey Jo credits her beautiful smile for being 1st runner up at the 2008 Miss USA®. “Having the extra confidence from every camera angle made all the difference,” says Lindsey Jo. “I don’t think I would have done as well without my beautiful smile. Thank you Dr. Headley!”



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