Dental Bonding Aftercare

Dental Bonding Aftercare Dental Bonding Aftercare

It is not uncommon for patients who have had dental bonding treatments to wonder if they should be doing anything special following the procedure. You will be able to eat and drink as soon as you leave the dentist office, and as far as dental bonding aftercare goes, in general you can treat bonded areas in the same way you treat the rest of your teeth. The following suggestions for dental bonding aftercare, though, will help to ensure that your bonding lasts a long time.


Brush your teeth at least twice a day (usually after breakfast and before going to bed). Use a fluoride toothpaste, and make sure that you get all areas of your teeth – the outside, inside and top. Brush your tongue as well. Toothbrushes do not last forever, so replace yours at least three times a year.


Floss daily, making sure to get all the way to the gum line between each tooth.

Drink Water

If you are unable to brush after a meal, the next best thing is to have a drink of water, or rinse out your mouth to reduce acid levels and get rid of food particles.

Avoid Things That Stain

Coffee, tea, red wine, candies with artificial coloring, and tobacco are a few of the things that can cause brown stains to appear on your teeth, and also on the areas that received the dental bonding treatment. This will not affect the structure of the bonding, but it can be unsightly, especially on the front teeth.

Avoid Biting Hard

Some foods can be problematic. Anything that is hard or very chewy can cause the dental bonding to wear, in the same way that it can also cause your tooth enamel to wear.

Eliminate Bad Habits

If you are in the habit of chewing on pens or biting your fingernails, you should try to stop. This can wear down your dental bonding and tooth enamel.

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If your dental bonding has been damaged, or if you have questions about dental bonding aftercare, contact us at KC Smile. We are located at 12850 Metcalf Ave., Ste. 200, Overland Park, KS 66213. You can use the form on our Contact Us page to request an appointment, or call us at 913-491-6874.

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