About KC Smile

About KC Smile

For nearly twenty years, Dr. Ross Headley has been creating beautiful smiles for patients from all walks of life. Widely known for his artistic dental skills,  Dr Headley routinely sees patients from the local area as well as patients from across the country. Working with a superb team, Dr. Headley delivers state of the art procedures in a courteous and pain free manner.



At KC Smile, we know that many people are fearful of dentist.  Even patients who do not express a fear often have anxious moments. That’s why Dr. Headley and his staff treat every patient as if they are fearful. Many steps are taken to make each patient feel at ease during dental treatment. Free consultations are encouraged for perspective patients who suffer from past dental trauma.

Private treatment rooms with comfortable chairs and warm blankets, along with nitrous oxide and customized music helps patients relax. For those who are especially fearful, oral conscious sedation is available.  The staff is always courteous and understanding.

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Meet Dr. Ross S. Headley

Using the most advanced materials and techniques, Dr. Ross S. Headley will transform your smile. As Kansas’ only accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Headley understands how unhealthy or unattractive teeth can negatively impact a patient’s life. He witnesses daily how beautiful healthy teeth change lives. Take a moment and explore the options available for you.

Kansas’ Only Dentist Accredited by the

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Using the lastest dental technology, Dr. Headley is able to offer better solutions for traditional and cosmetic dentistry. This technology allows the implementation of techniques that are less invasive and the results even more dependable. Procedures can often be done in fewer visits and that saves the patient valuable time. Visit our technology page to learn more about the exciting advances in dental technology featured at our practice.

What Do Our Patients Think

I love having a beautiful smile. I think instead of cosmetic dentistry, it should be referred to as “Confidence Dentistry.” When you feel confident with your smile it affects the way you interact with people.” As a former Miss Kansas and TV news anchor, I know with certainty my “Confidence Smile” smile made all the difference. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not happy that I have beautiful teeth.”

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Jennifer Fisher

As Miss Oklahoma USA 2008® Lindsey Jo credits her beautiful smile for being 1st runner up at the 2008 Miss USA®. “Having the extra confidence from every camera angle made all the difference,” says Lindsey Jo. “I don’t think I would have done as well without my beautiful smile. Thank you Dr. Headley!”


Lindsey Jo
Miss Oklahoma

When I first saw my new smile, I kept thinking, I wish I’d done it sooner. I went through years of trying to hide my smile, but not anymore. It’s wonderful to Laugh out loud and smile broadly without giving it a thought!



I had my braces off in 1987 and I was not happy with the results. So for the next 20 years I didn’t take good care of my teeth and I felt I had a poor smile. Finally, I knew I wanted something done.After my consultation, I made the decision to proceed almost immediately. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Everyone is always so courteous and helpful. It’s funny because I smile all the time now. It is nice not to have to suppress a smile or a laugh or a genuinely feeling. 



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