Signs You Need to Replace Your Dental Crown

replace your dental crowns

Whether you had a dental crown placed a few years ago or twenty years ago, there’s a good chance that you might need to replace it. With proper care, a dental crown can actually last you the rest of your life, but not everyone is that lucky. There are a few signs out there that can indicate that you need to replace your dental crown. KC Smile is here to help you replace your dental crown and look out for signs that it needs replacing. Learn more about dental crowns from our Overland Park dentist.

You Grind Your Teeth

One of the signs that you need to replace your dental crowns is that you grind your teeth. When you grind your teeth without protection from a night guard, this can really harm your teeth as well as your dental crown. Tooth grinding can happen because of stress or anxiety or it just might be a nighttime habit of yours. If you find that you wake up with a sore jaw and teeth, this is a big indicator that you grind your teeth. It’s important to receive a night guard from your dentist to protect your teeth at night. Otherwise, you will harm them.

If you grind or clench your teeth and you have a dental crown, you can kiss the money you spent on your dental crown goodbye. Teeth grinding can wear down your dental crown and eventually lead to holes and breakage in your dental crown. If this happens, you will need to replace your dental crown. To stop this habit, make sure you wear a night guard at night and make a mental effort to stop doing it during the day.

Your Tooth with the Crown Hurts

Another major sign that you need to replace your dental crown is that your underlying tooth beneath the crown is causing you pain. The only reason that tooth should ever cause you any pain is if the work that was done on it before is having problems. It’s possible that your old crown has a hole in it, leaving your tooth exposed to bacteria which has led to tooth decay and cavities. If you notice that your tooth has swelling or sharp pains around it, it’s important to go see your dentist immediately. The dentist who placed your crown is most likely to blame for the pain. For best results, avoid chewing on hard foods and drinking sugary drinks until you get your tooth fixed.

Your Crown is Old

Although it’s possible for your dental crown to last you for the rest of your life if you take proper care of it and get one that is meant to last for years, some dental crowns will age out. Natural wear and tear are common with dental crowns and nothing you should worry about. There’s a good chance that your dental insurance will cover at least part of your dental crowns if they need to be replaced at any point. For best results, we recommend visiting your Overland Park dentist regularly so that they can inspect your dental crown and other dental work so they can ensure that your teeth remain healthy.

Your Gum Line is Receding

Another major sign that you need to replace your dental crown is if your gum line is receding. A receding gum line usually happens around a tooth with a dental crown when the crown is placed incorrectly or your teeth are not healthy. If your crown is improperly placed, it’s possible that your underlying tooth has been exposed to bacteria, ultimately defeating the purpose of the crown. While you can prevent a receding gum line with proper dental hygiene, sometimes it’s out of your control. If you do have a receding gum line, discuss with your dentist if you will need to replace your crown so it fits better.

It’s Not Cosmetically Appealing

It’s also possible that your dental crown just no longer looks cosmetically appealing. This can happen when your teeth start to yellow or you whiten them and your crown doesn’t match the new color. It’s also possible that your crown was just not made to look great. This is true for some patients who have old amalgam crowns. If you want to help your tooth look better, a new dental crown might be a good idea.

There are Cracks or Chips

Cracks and chips are no stranger to dental crowns. You may have had them in your teeth but you can also get them on dental crowns. Fortunately for you, if you catch the crack or chip soon enough, you can avoid a dental crown replacement and opt for a dental crown repair instead. This is why it’s important to visit your dentist regularly so that he or she can identify problems in their earliest stages.

You Damaged It

Another big sign that you need to replace your dental crown is if you damaged it. Just like a tooth, dental crowns can be damaged when you use your teeth as a tool, bite into something hard, or fall and hit your tooth. If you’ve damaged your dental crown severely, it will need to be replaced by your dental crowns dentist in Overland Park. Make sure to give us a call at the first sign of trouble.

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