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How much do you know about dental fillings? If you’re an adult, there’s a good chance that you have had a cavity at some point in your life meaning you currently have a filling in your mouth. Most of our patients at KC Smile in Overland Park don’t actually know too much about dental fillings. This is why we’re here to give you all the facts you need to know. Check out these facts from your dental fillings dentist in Overland Park and then feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

You Can Get Tooth Colored Fillings in Overland Park

The first fact you should know from your dental fillings dentist is that our fillings dentist actually offers tooth-colored dental fillings. This means that if you have a cavity, your cavity will be filled with a tooth-colored material that will blend in seamlessly with your teeth. With tooth colored fillings, you don’t have to worry about your teeth looking unsightly or unpleasant. Instead, all that people will notice is your usual beautiful smile without any imperfections.

Your Cavity Will Only Get Worse Without Treatment

You might not want to endure the process of getting a dental filling but putting the simple procedure off for a while can have some serious consequences. To start, since the cavity hasn’t been removed, it will continue to grow. After a while, your entire tooth can become infected once the cavity reaches the root. This can result in infecting the nerve and eventually killing the tooth. The only solution from that point is a root canal.

A Root Canal Will Be Necessary Without Dental Fillings Early On

Once you let your cavity go for so long, you may end up needing a root canal. If you visit us every 6 months for your usual dental exam where we inspect your mouth to find cavities and clean your teeth to prevent future ones from popping up. If you are prone to skipping these appointments, you might not know you have a cavity until you start feeling sharp pains in one of your teeth. When the pain becomes unbearable, this is a clear sign that your tooth is infected. Unfortunately, at this point, the only way to treat the infection is with a root canal or extraction. Avoid a root canal or extraction by simply visiting us every 6 months for a dental exam. The sooner we catch a cavity, the less likely you will need treatment more than a dental filling.

A Dental Crown is Needed for Large Cavities

Another reason to visit the dentist often is because when you have a large cavity, this will require more than just a dental filling to solve. Once your cavity grows and you potentially need a root canal, when we treat your tooth, we will need to cap it with a dental crown which can be quite costly. This is because there is no enamel on your tooth for the composite material to bond to. As a result, a dental crown is needed to protect your tooth from further damage and to help it maintain its strength. The sooner we catch one of your cavities, the less likely you will need a dental crown in Overland Park.

Dental Fillings in Overland Park are Not Permanent

If you’re wondering if dental fillings can last you for the rest of your life, this is not the case. Over time, your dental fillings will break down and they will need to be replaced. It’s important to visit your dental fillings dentist often so that we can replace your fillings before they fall out and cause you pain or infection.

Dental Fillings Don’t Hurt

This fact that you need to know from your dental fillings dentist in Overland Park is one that is important. Receiving a dental filling does not hurt. We numb your mouth up before we even begin the procedure. Drilling out your cavity and then sealing it up won’t hurt a bit. In reality, you won’t feel anything.

You Can Replace Your Metal Dental Fillings with Tooth Colored Fillings in Overland Park

If you have old metal fillings in your mouth and you would like to have them replaced, our dental fillings dentist in Overland Park can replace your metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings. This will give you a more natural appearance and even protect you from the mercury that is in amalgam fillings.

Composite Fillings React Better to Temperature

If you have metal fillings, you might notice that your teeth react to cold and hot temperatures in your mouth. This is because your metal fillings expand with heat and retract with cold. As a result, your fillings are either too big for the hole in your mouth or too small at times. This can cause pain and even damage your teeth. With composite fillings, there are no changes that occur with temperature changes. Your teeth stay strong and look great!

Composite Fillings are Stronger for Your Teeth

The last fact you should know about dental fillings from your dental fillings dentist in Overland Park is that composite or tooth-colored fillings are stronger for your teeth than metal fillings. Like we stated before, they don’t change their size with temperature and they actually bond to your teeth for a complete tooth structure.

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