Porcelain Veneers vs Dental Crowns

porcelain veneers vs dental crowns

When it comes to choosing a restorative dentistry treatment at KC Smile in Overland Park, our dentist vows to help educate you about all of the treatment options available to you. Depending on your dental problem, or need, Dr. Headley might recommend several treatments for you to choose from. A lot of our patients will visit us for restorative dentistry treatments or cosmetic dentistry, and some wonder how to choose porcelain veneers vs dental crowns. Most patients are unaware that these two treatments are actually quite different although they can solve a lot of the same problems. Continue reading to find out the difference between porcelain veneers vs dental crowns.

Their Thickness

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin porcelain shells that are attached to the enamel of your teeth, while dental crowns are complete whole teeth or part of a tooth used to make your tooth whole again. Dental crowns are therefore much thicker and more elaborate than porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are also more brittle compared to crowns. If you are looking to restore the surface of your teeth, porcelain veneers are the smarter option, whilst, dental crowns are better for bigger restorations.

The Purpose of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns serve many purposes including providing both restorative and cosmetic benefits. When teeth are badly decayed, cracked, chipped or even worn down from grinding or clenching your teeth. If the structure of your tooth is bad and broken, a dental crown can serve you many benefits. Dental crowns are also used after root canals or large cavities are removed. They can bring your tooth back to complete function and health in a completely natural looking way. Dental crowns are strong enough to prevent any future damage from occurring to your tooth so you don’t have to worry.

The Purpose of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers in Overland Park, on the other hand, are used more for smaller aesthetic issues. This includes gaps, misalignments, small chips, discolored teeth and even cracked teeth. If there is no serious structural damage to your tooth, then porcelain veneers might be the better solution for you. Dental crowns are more for protecting your teeth from future damage as well as fixing the aesthetic problems. The porcelain veneers are created to reshape your teeth in order to hide gummy smiles, give you a more symmetrical smile, give you a whiter smile and even helps give you a straighter smile. Talk with Dr. Headley to find out which solution would be best for you.

Why Veneers are the Smarter Choice

Depending on what’s wrong with your teeth will determine the right choice for your dental treatment in Overland Park. Most patients who are stuck choosing between porcelain veneers and dental crowns are candidates for both. This is when we advise patients to seek the porcelain veneer treatment over the dental crowns. Why? Well, first of all, porcelain veneers will be cheaper for you than dental crowns. Although porcelain veneers are expensive, they cost less than a dental crown because they are smaller and require less dental resin.

Another reason you should choose porcelain veneers vs dental crowns is that they are an easier to place. Dental crowns usually require some sort of prep, like removing part of your tooth, especially if it is broken. Porcelain veneers on the other hand only require a small amount of the enamel to be removed prior to being placed. Less prep means less time in the chair for you!

Veneers are better for Cosmetics

If you are choosing between porcelain veneers vs dental crowns solely on aesthetic benefits alone, go with porcelain veneers. Although dental crowns can provide you with some beautiful results, porcelain veneers are most ideal for transforming your smile for aesthetic reasons. Unless you have significant dental damage, you should only be considering dental veneers for the price and the abilities it has. Porcelain veneers can completely reshape your smile. They can make your teeth appear to be straighter, longer and even whiter. If your end goal is to have a perfect smile, this can most easily be achieved with porcelain veneers in Overland Park.

The Downside of Veneers

Although veneers are cheaper, they do not last as long as dental crowns. Porcelain veneers require you to shave part of your enamel off in order for them to be placed. About every 10 years or so, you will need to have your porcelain veneers replaced. If you don’t want to replace them, your enamel is going to be exposed and your teeth might look a bit odd. If you are going to choose porcelain veneers to correct your smile, you should know that it is a lifetime commitment.

With dental crowns, the can usually last you the rest of your life. They can also provide you with the same results as dental crowns. Most patients avoid this option though because it is more expensive. In the long-run, however, dental crowns might actually be the more cost-efficient choice. In addition, dental crowns are stronger than porcelain veneers. They won’t break if you bite into something too hard (although you really shouldn’t). Lastly, dental crowns can be used to replace missing teeth. When attached to a dental implant, dental crowns perfectly blend in with your smile to restore it back to health, function, and aesthetics.

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