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If you have not figured it out by now, the mouth is a complicated part of our body. It is one of the most used and needed facets of life, yet it is all too often the one we neglect the most. When our teeth are working properly, they are not given a second thought. However, the second that pain begins to hit is the moment that most people will begin to look to their dentist in Overland Park for help. There is a myriad of different ways that cosmetic dentistry can help take away the pain and restore your smile to its natural look. As you ponder this, read through the following 12 popular procedures offered by dentists today in anticipation of your upcoming visit.

Restorative Dentistry

You may have grown up with a great looking set of teeth, but that can fade over time. You might have a tooth or two that got knocked out and cannot be replaced. Teeth get chipped or broken. When any of these events happen, you will need restorative dentistry to come in and salvage the situation and return your smile to its natural state. The objective is to preserve your natural teeth in their original state as much as possible. When this cannot be done, other options can be used by your dentist in Overland Park. Missing teeth, for example, can be replaced with dental implants or partial dentures. The important thing is to get your teeth looking healthy once again so that you get that smile back. You will then see your self-confidence improve as a result.

Preventative Dentistry

When you were a child, your parents likely insisted that you receive a dental check-up and cleaning every six months. This is great advice, but it is something that many adults fail to heed for themselves. You need to engage in preventative dentistry to give your teeth the maximum opportunity possible to stay healthy and straight for as long as possible. Your dentist in Overland Park can perform a variety of preventative procedures designed to avoid long-term complications down the road. In addition to cleanings and exams, this can include filling cavities and cleaning out any infected gum lines. The key is to get in to see your dentist on a regular basis to conduct this type of preventative dentistry. You will be thankful that you did.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many of the procedures performed by your dentist in Overland Park are related to cosmetic dentistry. These are the types of services that are designed to give you that great looking smile that people admired when you were younger. Over time, it seems that the whiteness of our teeth begins to fade. For many, chipped or damaged teeth make smiling an uncomfortable experience. Others may have developed gaps in their teeth, or entire sections might have become misaligned. No matter what the situation might be, cosmetic dentistry is a way to return the teeth to their natural position, shape, and color. You can regain that smile once again and not feel shy when you are out and about around town meeting new people. This is a way of not only protecting your oral health for the long term, but also of restoring your self-confidence once again.

Teeth Whitening

Many people lose that natural whiteness of their teeth over time. This is often caused by the drinks that we consume daily, with sugar and coffee being the primary culprits. Unsightly stains can occur, and this can cause many people to become insecure about their smile. Simple brushing alone will not alleviate these stains, and over the counter, remedies are largely limited in terms of the results that they provide. For lasting whiteness, you will want to consider having a tooth whitening procedure performed by your dentist in Overland Park. This can often be completed in one treatment, after which you are given some home bleaching gel trays to continue the process at home. You will find that your teeth become much whiter because of undergoing this procedure.

Dental Implants

It used to be that dentures were the only option for people who lost their teeth due to one reason or another. If a tooth becomes dislodged and cannot be salvaged, dental implants are now a viable alternative to natural teeth. These are made to look and act exactly like your natural teeth because they are fused to the bone in your gum line. Nobody will even know that you have a dental implant unless you choose to tell them. They will not fall out, and they will not even be susceptible to cavities. You will want to take diligent care of your implants in order to keep them natural looking and healthy, but they are designed to last for the rest of your life.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are another type of procedure performed by your dentist in Overland Park. This is essentially a cap the size of your tooth. It is meant to be placed directly over the tooth to cover it. The goal here is to restore the original size, strength, and shape of the tooth itself. In return, it also serves to improve its appearance. This makes the procedure a function of both restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. A dental crown will be cemented into place and will fully engulf the portion of the tooth that is visible around the gum line. Crowns do not last forever. You need to be careful that you do not damage them, and they need to be taken care of. If one falls off, you will want to see your dentist right away to prevent long-term complications.


Most people are aware of metal braces. They have long been viewed to straighten teeth and make smiles more beautiful and natural. Many people dread braces, however, because they can be quite painful and the treatment can last for years. This is where Invisalign comes into the picture. These are clear braces that are individualized and custom made for each individual patient. The result is an aligner that molds right over the teeth to help shift each tooth in the direction that it needs to go over time. This results in a less invasive type of treatment, and it usually results in straighter teeth within a much shorter timespan in comparison to metal braces.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are another part of cosmetic dentistry that can result in a more natural looking smile. As its name implies, these are thin pieces of porcelain that are meant to replicate the look and feel of a natural tooth. At the same time, the veneers will work to provide the strength and resilience that is present on the enamel of a natural tooth. This is important in terms of providing long-term stability and that natural looking smile that people crave today. Many people have grown to like porcelain veneers because they are moldable and allow the dentist to make slight alterations to their position as needed. It is also possible to change the shape, color, and size of the tooth if so desired. This is a way to gain that smile that you always wish you had.


Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants. If you find that you have lost some or all your teeth, dentures might be the best alternative for you. This involves your dentist in Overland Park making a mold of your mouth and then fashioning a set of teeth that will fit perfectly inside for you. They are temporary teeth and are not designed to stay in all the time. Many people, for example, will take them out at night before going to sleep. This is a way to keep them clean and ready for use the next day. They are held together in the mouth by a type of temporary glue. The procedure itself does not hurt, and there is no fusing of the bone to contend with. For this reason, many people do choose dentures over dental implants. However, keep in mind that dentures are not a permanent solution for the replacement of missing teeth.

Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding procedures involve a resin material that is the color of your tooth being applied by using adhesives and a high-intensity curing light. This allows the material to effectively be bonded to the tooth in a manner that is long lasting and natural looking. This is a form of cosmetic dentistry that is meant to help improve the appearance of the smile. It is commonly used to mask the discoloration of a tooth, or to gloss over chipped or otherwise damaged teeth. There are times when a tooth does not need to be replaced, it simply needs to be reshaped. During these types of situations, dental bonding is often a great procedure to consider.

Tooth Colored Fillings

It seems that almost everyone at one time in their life or another needs a filling. As their name implies, tooth-colored fillings are made to mimic the natural appearance of the tooth and its corresponding bone structure. These are white in nature and are difficult to see when people are just looking in your mouth. They are viewed largely to restore teeth to their natural state. Many of these teeth have become either fractured or decayed over time. Tooth colored fillings can also be used by cosmetic dentists to help reshape, resize, or change the color of a tooth.

Sedation Dentistry

Your dentist in Overland Park understands that visiting the office can be a stressful and nerve-racking experience. The teeth and oral region of the body are extremely sensitive. Many dental procedures do involve pain. There is simply no way around that. What your dentist can do, however, is provide procedures that make use of sedation dentistry. This is a way of using the medication in a safe manner to help patients completely relax during the procedure.

Very few dental procedures require that a patient is completely put under the effect of a sedative, otherwise known as being put to sleep, but there is an occasion to do so. For most procedures, however, the patient will remain awake. The area of the mouth that is going to be worked on will be completely numb and the patient will be relaxed throughout. This is a way to ensure that the patient is comfortable and that the dentist can work freely without fear that he or she is hurting the individual. It is important to offer sedation dentistry to ensure that people feel comfortable visiting the dentist for any necessary procedure.

This is quite a bit of information to take in, but it gives you an indication of the wide range of services that your dentist in Overland Park can provide for you. It is important to take care of your oral health. When you sense that something is just not right in your mouth, it is better to see a dentist sooner rather than later. You want to protect your smile for the long term, and you certainly want to prevent tooth decay and gum disease fully possible. That is why these procedures are offered by your local dentist, so make an appointment to take advantage of them today.

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