Dental Crowns Facts

dental crowns facts

If you have had a root canal or broken a tooth in the past, it is likely that you have dental crowns. They are a remarkably beneficial form of restorative dentistry, and at KC Smile in Overland Park, KS, we are all about patient education and want to offer up these key dental crowns facts to ensure you understand why we are so dedicated to using this treatment.

Restorative Dentistry and Dental Crowns Facts

In the past, dental crowns were also called “caps”, and this is a much better description of them. After all, crowns are usually rings of metal that fit tightly around something (like the crown worn by a queen). Yet, this is not how dental crowns work. Instead, they fit over the entire tooth, shielding it from further harm, discomfort or irritation.

However, as your trusted dentist in Overland Park, we want you to know that the story does not end there. Among the top dental crowns facts are this: They let you keep a natural tooth.

This is more important than most of us realize. Retaining natural teeth (with their roots and crowns) is the key to a much higher quality of life. Having our natural teeth lets us eat, speak and look like we have always done. Losing them means figuring out a way to replace them, and it has to be more than a cosmetic replacement. This can mean costly options like implants or dentures, and not many of us are excited about such extensive treatments.

Losing a tooth also means that our bite might change and cause any number of problems. Losing a tooth means that the jaw and gum shrink, too, and it is why we are such big fans of dental crowns and their many uses.

As one of the best tools used by our restorative dentist, crowns can be used for:

  • Deeply decayed teeth unable to be treated with fillings
  • Broken or damaged teeth unable to be repaired with bonding or other methods
  • Teeth treated with root canals
  • Dental implants
  • Replacing outdated or failing amalgam fillings
  • Discolored or misshapen teeth

As you see, a visit to our dental crowns specialist can help you to address many issues, while also preserving a natural tooth.

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