Common Misconceptions About Invisalign

misconceptions about Invisalign

Misconceptions About Invisalign

Are you someone with a misaligned smile eager to get it corrected? If so, you might have been exploring your options for orthodontics as well as cosmetic dentistry, and one of the more popular solutions you’ve discovered is Invisalign. At KC Smile in Overland Park, KS we are happy to discuss this as a viable solution to your needs, but because we also place a premium on patient education, we want to review some of the common misconceptions about Invisalign, too.

The Most Common Misconceptions About Invisalign

As your chosen dentist in Overland Park, we understand that you are probably already full of information about your various orthodontics options. This is particularly true if you are eager to find a discreet way to correct your smile. For example, you may not want classic braces because you are worried about the difficulties of traditional metal and wire braces. Because of that, you may have started to explore options like clear braces, but this is one of the greatest misconceptions about Invisalign. Why? Because they are not clear braces at all; they are clear aligners that fit snugly over the teeth and are almost impossible to detect.

They are not for everyone, though, and this too is one of the key misconceptions about Invisalign. It is only by visiting our Invisalign specialist that we can determine if your issues are able to be overcome using the aligners. For the most part, most of our patients can use this appealing alternative to traditional braces. Whether you have over or under bite issues, cross bite or some other form of bite issue, the aligners can correct the problem. It is the same for misalignment and overlapping or gapping teeth, too.

Of course, the misunderstandings about Invisalign also spill over into such areas as their cost, their need for aftercare and their overall effectiveness. Let’s just touch on a few of these points to clear up the biggest misconceptions.

Firstly, it may seem that Invisalign is costlier than some other answers, but this is not a “big picture” view. For one thing, you don’t need as many visits for adjustments and checkups when you use Invisalign. This saves time and money. They do require the same “retainer” solutions that you would use with other orthodontics, so that is a non-issue as well, and most patients can see their issues addressed in as little as half a year, or within a two year time frame. This is the same pace (or faster) than alternative treatments.

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