Why Dental Implants Are Worth the Cost

dental implants are worth the cost

Are you considering some sort of restorative dentistry solutions? Do your options include implant dentistry? If so, KC Smile in Overland Park, KS encourages you to consider just how dental implants are worth the cost and effort required. As your preferred dentist in Overland Park, we might recommend dental implants because you have lost one or more teeth and your oral health will benefit by their use. We might also suggest them as part of a plan to restore your mouth to fullest use, and incorporate such other options as dentures or bridges. The point is that dental implants are one of the most superior options, and you will always find they are truly worth it.

Consider the Alternatives

One way to gauge whether dental implants are worth the cost is to consider using alternative remedies. For example, if you opt to leave the gaps where you have lost teeth, you will find that your bite continually changes. This leads to a host of dental problems ranging from uneven wear and chipping teeth to a misaligned bite and jaw problems. You could develop bruxism (teeth grinding) or TMJ because of it, and you may find that you even start to experience tooth decay in areas newly exposed by movement in your teeth.

Even if you go with alternative solutions, such as bridges or dentures, there are going to be ongoing costs associated with them. A bridge or a partial denture is not a permanent solution, and can even put wear and tear on other teeth. Though they are a workable answer, they do come with ongoing expenses. The implants, though, cost you only the one fee and then you will pay for ongoing cleanings and exams – rarely any further treatment.

Of course, dental implants are worth the expense also because they allow you to continue to eat, speak and look like yourself. They restore your appearance to a much younger one, filling in your face and allowing you to be more self-confident. They are also low maintenance, painless and last for decades after being placed by our dental implants specialist. If treated properly, they will perform for many years afterward, and all without any threat of decay or disease.

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