Tips and Tricks for New Dentures Wearers

tips and tricks for new denture wearers

At KC Smile in Overland Park, KS, we provide our patients with a long list of restorative dentistry options, and one of the most common solutions offered is dentures. Whether partials or full dentures, though, we have found that new dentures wearers benefit greatly from the following tips and tricks.

The First Day

As your chosen dentist in Overland Park, we know that it is going to feel very peculiar to you for the first day or even days of wearing your new dentures. Though our dentures specialist will review the dos and don’ts of wearing your new dentures, we need to re-emphasize the importance of one thing: You must leave them in place for the first 24 hours after receiving them. This is important for conditioning your gums as well as acclimating you to the dentures.

Learning Proper Care

Once new dentures wearers go through their first day, they can remove the dentures each night to sleep. In fact, this is an ideal way to give your gums the break they need from the constant contact with dentures as well as allowing your dentures to be fully sterilized with a good all-night soak. You still need to provide proper brushing and cleaning to any remaining teeth and gums as well as cleaning dentures with gentle paste and other compounds.

Remember too that, although dentures are a form of restorative dentistry that offer artificial teeth to replace those you lost, all new dentures wearers still have to have regular checkups and exams. We want to be sure the dentures fit well and that your oral health is at the right level.

In the Years to Come

Most of our new dentures wearers find that it takes from two weeks and up to 90 days before they are completely used to wearing dentures while eating or speaking. However, dentures are so well designed that you can and will get used to them. They will look natural and be designed to integrate well with your existing bite, so you should find them very easy to adjust to, but if you find it very challenging or experience any discomfort, you must get in touch.

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