Reasons to Consider Dental Crowns

consider dental crowns

Do you already have dental crowns as a form of restorative dentistry but have had them suggested for cosmetic dentistry purposes? Maybe it is the reverse and you are wondering if they are the right option. At KC Smile in Overland Park, KS, we want our patients to be fully informed about all of their treatment options, and offer these varied reasons to consider dental crowns to help you in your decision making processes.

The Benefits

As your preferred dentist in Overland Park, we make a long list of general and preventative, cosmetic and restorative dentistry solutions available. Key among them is dental crowns, but many are unaware of just how beneficial crowns actually are. Just consider, our dental crowns specialist may suggest them for a tooth with extensive decay or damage, as the finishing touch to a dental implant, as part of a root canal, to cover a tooth that is misshapen or deeply stained, or for those having amalgam fillings removed. Obviously, this shows that there are many reasons to consider dental crowns, and many issues they address.

However, consider that one of the finest reasons to consider dental crowns is that they are not “crowns” in the technical sense. They are actually incredibly durable caps that cover the entire surface of a tooth. They act as a protective shield that allows you to use that tooth without any further pain or worry. Often, crowns are one of the only ways our team can save a tooth, and this makes them invaluable.

Other Reasons

Apart from their protective benefits and their many uses, some other important reasons to consider dental crowns include that they are fast and easy to place, they look entirely natural and match surrounding teeth, they are made specifically for your needs and to preserve your bite, and they last for many decades afterward.

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