Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Chipped Teeth

cosmetic dentistry options for chipped teeth

It is unfair and unfortunate, but having a chipped tooth is something that makes people form inaccurate opinions of you. They might think you are careless or not at all concerned about oral health and hygiene. They might think you are reckless and indifferent about the looks of your teeth. Fortunately at KC Smile in Overland Park, KS we have an array of treatment options for chipped teeth, and some of them can be accomplished in a single visit.

The Benefits of Fixing Chipped Teeth

As your trusted dentist in Overland Park, we encourage you to consider fixing any chipped teeth for more than cosmetic reasons, and for reasons having nothing to do with what others think. No, a chipped tooth is a compromised tooth, and that means it has the potential for getting worse. It could break or chip farther, it could be rubbing up against other teeth and doing them harm, it could cause discomfort to soft tissue in the mouth, and the tooth itself could become infected. While the solutions for a chipped tooth relate mostly to cosmetic dentistry, don’t think of it purely as a cosmetic fix.

The solutions our cosmetic dentist makes available for chipped teeth include:

You might consider that list as going from bad to worse in terms of the damage to a tooth. The bonding would be an ideal answer for a small chip that is not causing any pain or discomfort. The porcelain veneers are ideal for teeth with larger chips and that are causing you a bit of sensitivity or even pain, and which may worsen if ignored. The crowns are the ultimate and ideal for a tooth that is badly damaged and unable to be repaired or saved in any other way.

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