Reasons to Consider Invisalign

consider Invisalign

Are you familiar with the cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics solution known as Invisalign? Many people have heard of the treatment but are not sure whether it is a good answer for their needs. At KC Smile in Overland Park, KS, we offer our patients a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry as well as high quality orthodontics, and encourage anyone with such concerns to consider Invisalign treatment.

Why Consider Invisalign and Not Braces?

As your preferred dentist in Overland Park, we recommend the use of orthodontics to anyone who can benefit from an improved bite. It is not only or always about esthetics, and a properly aligned bite can ensure long term oral health, an end to certain painful conditions like TMJ or bruxism, and of course that improved smile. However, we also understand that many people may hesitate to correct their bite or get cosmetic improvements because they don’t want to wear classic wire braces. Even options for clear braces are not appealing to most adults, but Invisalign is not at all similar to braces.

Instead, it is a system that uses a series of carefully designed and customized clear aligners that slowly move your teeth into position. No one will be able to tell you are wearing them, and this alone is one of the main reasons to consider Invisalign.

Other Benefits

In addition to their near invisibility, allowing discreet straightening, Invisalign is also unique in the world of orthodontics because the trays come out for eating and oral hygiene. This means you can still eat and drink as you normally would, brush fully, floss easily and experience no changes in your day to day life.

Of course, your Invisalign specialist will explain how to care for the trays, as these do require proper cleaning and upkeep, but it takes only minutes of each day to keep them in good shape. You will be wearing each aligner for two to three weeks before moving on to the next in your series, but you will still have to provide good care.

Many also misunderstand this treatment and think it is more costly or takes longer to achieve the same results. This is inaccurate and you will want to consider Invisalign because it demands fewer office visits, works just as quickly, and can be nearly the same as other orthodontics solutions.

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