Why Should You Not Waste Your Money on OTC Teeth Whitening Products

OTC teeth whitening

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a gorgeous, bright smile? You might have been thinking about getting some tooth whitening products to help you make your smile as beautiful as possible. You might have even found quite a few OTC teeth whitening products when you were in the drugstore, or maybe you found some online. If you are thinking about using these over the counter products, you might want to reconsider. They are not quite what they are made out to be.

One of the biggest reasons to avoid the OTC teeth whitening products is because they do not work nearly as well as you might hope. They rely on their marketing campaigns to make people excited about the possibility of getting a beautiful smile, but they tend to fall woefully short on results. The FDA does not regulate these products, and the ADA does not provide them with their seal of approval. This means the results are dubious at best.

There is also always the chance that you could use the product incorrectly, such as leaving the solution on your teeth for too long. This could end up causing damage to your teeth and gums. Another issue is that the teeth whitening trays are not one size fits all. You need to have trays customized for your mouth, and you can only get those when you go through a tooth whitening specialist.

You will also likely end up spending more money than you realize. You will see that the OTC whitening products do not provide great results, so you buy more and more. All this does is send money down the drain. It makes more sense to work with a cosmetic dentist from the beginning.

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