Sedation Dentistry: True or False Quiz

sedation dentistry: true or false

It is true that sedation dentistry can be a viable way of minimizing the pain and anxiety that many people feel at the mere mention of having a dental appointment on the calendar. At the same time, not everyone is a candidate for this type of dentistry. For those that are candidates, however, it is a safe and effective way of performing many dental procedures without the pain and anxiety commonly associated with a visit to the dentist’s office. To help our patients, we have put together this true or false quiz for sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry: True or False: For people who suffer from dental anxiety, sedation dentistry is often an effective solution.

Answer: This is true. In fact, sedation dentistry is a great option for such individuals. People who have a great deal of anxiety often avoid the dentist for years. This is regardless of whether or not they genuinely want to care for their teeth. Sedation dentistry can help such patients get the treatment they need in a calm and relaxed dates.

Sedation Dentistry: True or False: Only people with extreme dental anxiety actually qualify for sedation dentistry.

Answer: This is false. While sedation dentistry is a great option for people suffering from dental anxiety, there are other great uses as well. In fact, we now offer sedation for a variety of treatments in order to make the process more comfortable for all of our patients. This is can include major procedures such as a root canal, and even relatively minors one like a general teeth cleaning. Contact our office to learn more and discover the ways that sedation dentistry can help you, even if you do not have anxiety when visiting the dentist.

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