Dental Implants: True or False Quiz

dental implants: true or false

For many of our patients, dental implants are an effective and viable alternative to dentures and other types of tooth replacement options currently available. There are certainly some advantages that dental implants have over dentures that can be removed, but how much do you really know about this option? To find out, take this short true or false quiz that we have put together.

Dental Implants: True or False: Surrounding teeth are not affected when a tooth is lost?

Answer: This is false. Anytime a tooth is lost, the body actually stops sending critical amounts of calcium and phosphorus surrounding the jawbone. This is an automatic process that we can do nothing to stop, so bone density will decline as a result. This will threaten the overall stability of the surrounding teeth over time, which can increase the risk that other teeth will be lost as well.

Dental Implants: True or False: In order for dental implants to work, adhesives are required.

Answer: This is also false. Traditional dentures require adhesive in order to work, and these can be messy. We anchor dental implants securely into the jaw, however, in a similar fashion to that of your natural teeth. No adhesives are used.

Dental Implants: True or False: Permanent dentures are possible with denture implants.

Answer: This is true, and it is why we are so excited for our many patients that have received dental implants over the years. Our dentist in Overland Park will actually place a titanium post into the socket where your tooth used to be. Perhaps four to eight of these will go into each socket, and your body will accept these as natural teeth. Because of this, you can count on dental implants staying in there for life, barring an accident of some sort of course.

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