Am I Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

candidate for teeth whitening

Who’s a candidate for teeth whitening?

Most people who have teeth whitening treatments done will see desirable results, and almost anyone is a good candidate for whitening treatments. Whitening is a very cost-effective cosmetic dentistry procedure because it does not involve restoration. The level of whitening achieved will vary from patient to patient, but generally speaking, you can whiten your teeth by several shades with professional tooth whitening treatments from your dentist.

The best candidate for teeth whitening is the patient who is troubled by lifestyle stains. These are caused by drinking coffee, tea, cola and red wine, and also by smoking. They affect only the outer part of the tooth enamel, so they are the easiest to remove, and respond the best to whitening treatment. It should be noted though, that if you smoke heavily or are a frequent consumer of stain-causing beverages, you really should stop indulging while you are undergoing whitening treatments. If you feel unable to do that, then a de-sensitizing gel can be used after the treatments in order to temporarily block the tooth’s pores. There is, however, still a small risk of the undesirable substances penetrating the gel.

If you have intrinsic stains (those that are below the enamel), you will not be quite as good a candidate for teeth whitening, but you can still benefit. You will, however, require more treatments than a patient with surface stains.

As previously stated, most people are good candidates. You are not a candidate for teeth whitening, however, if you have oral cancer, gum disease, chronic sensitivity, or enamel that is very worn or damaged. Translucent-appearing teeth, too, can often be made worse by using whitening treatments.

The biggest advantage of dental whitening treatments is that they are the easiest means of getting a brilliant smile. Unfortunately, if you have had dental restorations, and did not have whitening treatments before getting the restorations, then your teeth will look unevenly colored if you have whitening treatments. Restorations will not whiten, and there is no way to change the color of a restoration.

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