Am I a Candidate for Dental Crowns?

candidate for dental crowns

What makes someone a candidate for dental crowns?

If you have dental damage like severe decay, cracking, fracturing or large fillings, then you could be a candidate for dental crowns. Crowns are one of the best restorative dentistry treatments when it comes to giving a patient back their appearance and dental function.

Dental crowns are custom-fitted restorations that can be used to treat numerous dental issues, meaning that almost anyone who has one or more of the following issues can be a candidate for dental crowns:

  1. Missing Teeth

In combination with dental implants, crowns can be used to replace teeth that are missing.

  1. Decayed Teeth

If your teeth have been damaged by severe decay, then you are likely a candidate for dental crowns. A crown can be installed as long as no more than two-thirds of your tooth is gone.

  1. Large Fillings

Deep fillings can compromise the walls of your teeth, and make them vulnerable to breaking. Your dentist can install a crown over the tooth to protect the underlying structure from damage.

  1. Broken, Fractured or Cracked Teeth

If left untreated, teeth that are broken, fractured or cracked can be damaged even further, and can compromise your overall oral health. Dental crowns can protect damaged teeth from even greater harm, and restore their function.

  1. Root Canal

If you have had root canal therapy, chances are you will need a crown to restore the tooth’s function and strength.

  1. Cosmetic Issues

Crowns can completely change the appearance of your teeth, so in that way, they are also a cosmetic treatment.

Once we have examined your mouth and determined that you are a candidate for dental crowns, we can begin your treatment. First, we will clean your tooth and prepare the surface. Then, using our CEREC system, we will take three-dimensional images of your teeth, and use them to make your crowns, which we do on-site the same day. Dr. Headley will select a piece of dental porcelain that matches your tooth, and send it to the CEREC milling machine where your crown is made. Then he will cement it in place.

There are many good reasons to consider dental crowns, and the biggest advantage is that they can correct such a wide range of dental problems. If there is a down side, it is that even though crowns are stronger than your natural teeth, they can still be damaged by the same things that would harm your own teeth – biting hard, grinding or trauma to the mouth.

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