An Overview of General Dentistry

general dentistry

Though the term “general dentistry” sounds very basic, the services that it includes are essential to good oral health. After all, patients to our Overland Park, KS office can count on Dr. Ross S. Headley and our staff of dedicated professionals to deliver the kinds of services that guarantee them premium oral health over the long term.

The general dentistry services that we provide will include regular check-ups and full cleanings, but also the use of high-tech x-rays and intraoral cameras to uncover any issues that can lead to trouble. Warning signs of cavities, gum disease or damage, and even gingivitis or periodontal disease are discovered and remedied purely through the general dentistry procedures we provide.

After all, a problem such as gum disease can spread quickly and jeopardize the health of the soft tissue, gums and bones in the mouth. It can cause chronic bad breath and compromise your health. General dentistry is the first line of defense against such a threat.

In addition to the issues that may be uncovered and addressed through general dentistry, the regular treatments and cleanings you enjoy in our offices also ensure that you are educated about your own needs. Every mouth is unique and we treat our patients as individuals. We explain to you exactly what it is you need to do in terms of at-home care to get the best results.

We will review the way you care for your teeth and gums, discuss issues such as TMJ or bruxism (grinding your teeth), and determine if you are a good candidate for night guards.

There is really very little about general dentistry that is…well, general! We see each patient as a unique individual with unique needs. We then work with you to be sure that you understand the best ways for you to look after your own oral care, including the right toothbrush and flossing techniques, the right kinds of oral health products and the kinds of treatments you may need in our office.

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Getting regular checkups and cleanings is crucial to your dental health. Visiting our offices to discuss proper maintenance for your teeth and gums is also part of the solution. If you have any general dentistry needs, do not hesitate to book a visit to discuss them with us. For more information, or to book a visit, please give us a call at (913) 491-6874 or use our online contact form and Dr. Headley or one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

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