Benefits of Dental Crowns

benefits of dental crowns

If you have one or more teeth that have been damaged due to trauma, injury or decay, you may be a candidate for dental crowns in Overland Park, KS. At KC Smile, we are dedicated to giving our patients the most beautiful and functional smiles possible with the best dental and oral health and we cannot speak highly enough of the benefits of dental crowns.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Again

First of all, if you have a tooth that has been damaged to the point that a filling, inlay, or onlay will not suffice to fix it, you probably experience a lot of pain on a daily basis. With exposed pulp and nerves, chewing can be an excruciating chore and you may have given up on some of your favorite foods because they are simply too difficult to eat. After a dental crown is installed, you will be rid of all of that pain and you can go back to eating whatever you want.

Feel Confident in Your Smile

Another of the best benefits of dental crowns is that they look and function just like normal teeth. Even if you need a crown on one of your visible front teeth, no one will be able to tell the difference because the crown will be made to exactly replicate your natural tooth. We will even match the color of the crown to your other teeth to maximize the attractiveness and natural look of your smile.

After-Care Is Simple and Easy

Taking care of dental crowns does not involve any special steps or extra attention. You will simply need to brush and floss, and be sure to visit us at KC Smile in Overland Park, KS regularly for cleanings and examinations to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy.

They Last for Years

Finally, if you take good care of them (which, as we pointed out, is actually very easy), your dental crowns can last you for many years without any problems. For more information on dental crowns in Overland Park, call us at KC Smile at 913-491-6874 today or you can fill out our online contact form and someone will reply to you quickly.

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