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Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to look their best, and the reality is that if you have stained or otherwise discolored teeth, you’re not looking your best. So what do you do about stains on your teeth? You’ve probably thought about teeth whitening treatments, and you may have even bought an over-the-counter remedy that promised to brighten your teeth by several shades in mere minutes. Did it work? No, we didn’t think so. That’s because over-the-counter remedies simply don’t have the ingredients that professional dental whitening treatments can offer. The whitening treatments that you get in the drug store might whiten your teeth by a shade or two, but if you want real results, you should consider professional teeth whitening.

Your teeth can become discolored for any number of reasons. One of the big culprits is sugar – you wouldn’t think that something so white could actually discolor your teeth, but it does. The other culprits include coffee, tea and red wine. And of course if you smoke, the discoloration of your teeth is just one more great reason why you should quit. Certain medications, like tetracycline, can also cause your teeth to be discolored.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with unsightly, discolored teeth. Your dentist can actually remove most discolorations in less than an hour using special whitening gels. It’s a pain-free process that can deliver several levels of tooth whitening in very little time. Dentists use bleaching compounds that are delivered to you in special trays designed to fit your mouth. You’ll have a treatment in office, and then you’ll be provided with a kit that you can take home so that you can continue the whitening process on your own time. Of course, the at-home kits are intended for maintenance only, so at some point you will have to come back for another professional whitening, but with a combination of in-office and at-home treatments, you can be assured that your teeth will be at their whitest and brightest at all times.

Don’t waste your money on over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments that really don’t work all that well when you can go several shades whiter with professional tooth whitening treatments from Dr. Ross Headley in Overland Park. Call his office at 913-491-6874 and schedule time to brighten your smile!

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