It’s Not Easy Saying Good-bye


You love your dentist!  He has taken care of your teeth since you were an adolescent.  He is like a family friend and you know he has your best interest at heart. But now you want cometic dentistry and you aren’t sure he has the skill to deliver the results you want.  But you owe it to him to give him the opportunity, right?  Wrong!

Leaving your long time dentist for a new one can feel like cheating.  It isn’t easy saying good-bye but sometimes it is necessary.  Not every dentist has the skill to do cosmetic procedures and not all of them are interested in that field of expertise.  If you are going to invest in a cosmetic dental procedures make sure you have a highly qualified dentist who enjoys working with cosmetic patients.  Finding that dentist isn’t always easy, but here are a few good tips.

1) If you know someone who has had the procedure you want, ask them where it was done.  If you see someone had the procedure you want and it isn’t well done, ask as well.

2) Go on the AACD ( website and search for an Accredited Member in your area.  Make sure it is an accredited    member.  Anyone can pay dues and be a general member but an Accredited Member has gone through a process to earn accreditation. Go online and search for cosmetic dentists in your area.

3) Schedule a consultation.  Be observant of the surroundings.  Does it look like an office that understands beauty and symmetry?  Are the staff members sporting beautiful smiles?  How about the dentist?  Does he/she have beautiful teeth?  Ask to see before/after photos of actual patients.  Make sure they aren’t purchased stock photos. Ask to see or hear testimonials from patients. Ask if you can talk to one of them. Do you see cosmetic patients in the reception area?  How do they look?

4) Be observant during the consultation. Does the dentist seem genuinely interested in you?  How does the dentist analyze your teeth and your smile?  Does the dentist ask you what YOU want?  Does the dentist offer suggestions and explain technique in regards to your ultimate goal?  Does the dentist offer digital computer imaging so you can preview a likely result before you even decide if you are proceeding?  Question the temporary process.  What will you look like in the transition period?

5) Leave your consult with a treatment plan. Don’t be intimidated to question fees. Ask if there are hidden fees so you aren’t surprised at the end. Ask about their lab or porcelain artist.

6) If you are still considering your current dentist, ask for a cosmetic consultation and evaluate them as you would any other practice.

It is a big decision but choosing the right dentist can provide you with a smile that can give you added confidence and beauty for many years.  Do your homework and be astute.  You will know if its right to leave.

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